Hysek IO Skeleton Tourbillon 49mm
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The New Hysek IO Skeleton Tourbillon 49mm

Hysek is a prestigious Swiss watch company, known for its avant-garde, technical design. It develops and produces its own movements and cases in the town of Bussigny-près-Lausanne, in the Swiss canton of Vaud.

Since 2012, the Hysek Manufacture has operated as an entirely independent and autonomous workshop, which gives it amazing production capabilities, and ability to create the most imaginative pieces of the highest quality.

The new Hysek IO Skeleton Tourbillon 49mm is certainly one of the most unusual timepieces available on the market. Even though all Hysek watches and movements comply with technical standards required for the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva, none of them bears one, since they are all produced outside Geneva.

Hysek Manufacture is specialized in production of skeleton movements, and its IO Skeleton Tourbillon 49mm beautifully demonstrates this expertise. The neat, transparent case of this model reveals a gorgeous and complex skeleton movement, from which only the most indispensable constituents have been retained. On the other hand, the overall concept of this watch brings together various watchmaking elements and themes that are rarely seen in combination.

Thanks to the ingenious movement, which is assembled from 183 individual parts and graced with a Rose des Vents motif, every time the wearer winds the crown the flange will come to life, starting to gravitate around the movement. The tourbillon cage is visible at the 11 o’clock position, while the dial reveals brand’s emblematic 1-5-7-11 time-markers.

The watch case is made of 18kt rose gold and it features a swarm of mysterious, deep black diamonds arranged along the flange. In addition to the 90 diamonds adorning the case of the watch, the dial also reveals two sapphire crystal plates filled with black diamond power. The crystals are, actually, forming a see-through chamber that is filled with a clear but thick substance, in which diamond powder is dissolved. Thanks to the consistency of the substance, diamond particles appear as if they are moving in slow motion, propelled by the wearer’s kinetic energy. For those who prefer the more understated design, Hysek also offers a version of its IO Skeleton Tourbillon 49mm, without diamond powder.

Both versions of the Hysek IO Skeleton Tourbillon 49mm timepiece are produced in a limited edition of 8 pieces. The watch with black diamond powder is priced at $133,485, while the simpler version of the same model retails at $111,050.

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